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    Oly Mattera Construction company is your Norwalk CT concrete contractor. We strive to complete quality work on time and with minimal costs to ensure maximum satisfaction.

    You want to build your own home and just purchased a piece of land to make your dream come true? Clear the lot of debris, growth or any other hazards that may be present is important to be done first. Also, if the ground is not level or the grade of the land must be altered in any way then Oly Mattera Construction can help by providing professional excavation services like lot leveling and grading services in Norwalk CT.

    After the site preparation is complete you will most likely want to dig trenches for installing water or gas pipes or electric wires. Drainage and septic systems can be installed at this time as well, before laying any kind of foundation or starting any type of concrete work.

    Your house will need some drainage system to get rid of the rain water. Installing a drain system (whether it is a recharger, a dry well or a catch basin) has some advantages. You will help replenishing the underground aquifer and at the same time reduce soil erosion and prevent water accumulation on your property.

    Also septic systems may be needed. We can install all kinds of septic systems or fix your existing system.

    For a new building you will need to lay various utility pipes, water or gas, and for that you will need to dig trenches. Installing electric wiring might also require digging.

    You bought a property and you want to demolish an existing building? You will need assistance to take it downs. Contact Oly Matter Construction for a quote about our demolition services in Norwalk CT.

    We are using equipment that is always suitable for the project and our crew is fully qualified and professionally trained. We will handle all your project requirements with minimal costs and with top level craftsmanship.

    A concrete foundation is the first step in raising a building. Constructing a solid foundation has benefits in the long run. A solid foundation, without water infiltrations, can save you a great deal of trouble with house maintenance. Oly Mattera Construction Company is your building foundations specialist in Norwalk CT. We specialize in conventional foundations, concrete slab foundations or foundations fixed with steel posts driven through the unstable soil, frost protection and crack injection to prevent leaking.

    In addition to foundation work, there are other concrete services that we provide in Norwalk CT.

    Retaining wall, concrete driveways, sidewalks and curbs, concrete footings under your house, Oly Mattera Construction provides quality services. Your drainage system needs fixing or replacing? Your septic tank needs replacing? Oly Mattera Construction will help you find the best solution on the market for your project.

    Contact Oly Mattera Construction today (203-856-9074) to get a free quote for your excavation, foundations and concrete work project in Norwalk CT.