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    We at Oly Mattera Construction install drainage systems that are used in a wide variety of construction applications. The main goal of a well constructed drainage system is to be able to collect and divert large amounts of runoff water.

    Types of Drainage Systems:

    ■ Standard Catch Basins

    Catch basins are most commonly used for parking lots or driveway drains. A catch basin is precast concrete product that is used to collect the surface water and the catch basin has piping to remove the water to a drainage system or a street storm drain.

    ■ Trench Drains

    For increased durability concrete can be poured around the trench drain instead of installing asphalt. Concrete will stand much better against the test of time when compared to asphalt.

    ■ Trench Drainage Basins

    Are shallow basin drainage systems which run over a long distance. Typical dimensions: 1’ to 1.5’ depth, 8” to 16” width, and 8’ to 50’ long. Trench drains are designed to collect and divert water at a low point such as dumpster areas, loading docks, or entrance/exit points of a parking lot.

    ■ French Drains

    French drains are recommended when moisture collects in the sub-base layer of the parking lot, garage or near the building foundation. When water collects in the sub base layer the structural integrity of the parking lot begins to fail and pot holes develop. The most effective way to collect and divert this moisture is by installing a French drain. A trench is dug between 24.00” and 48.00” deep. Gravel is installed at the base of the trench. A 4” to 6” perforated pipe covered with filter fabric material is placed on top the gravel and tied into the nearest drainage basin. The trench is then filled with gravel. The area is repaved. The French drain system is an ideal way to collect sub base moisture and divert the water from the area to a drain, drainage system or low lying area.

    Our company specializes in drainage and catch basins systems in the Fairfield County Area and throughout Connecticut. Our experience, capabilities, and personnel are top notch. We offer quality services at very reasonable prices.

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