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    Being part of Fairfield County Connecticut, excavation, septic, drainage and concrete work contractors, Oly Mattera Construction company has completed various projects for individual custom home builders, residential developers, commercial builders, corporations and utilities companies. We are offering complete solutions including a large range of related services.

    Oly Mattera Construction is your Greenwich CT concrete contractor. We strive to complete quality work on time and with minimal costs to ensure maximum satisfaction.

    There is wide range of services that we offer in Greenwich CT:

    Whether you are you planning on starting a new construction project or you simply want to build an additional outbuilding, then it is likely that you will need to do some sort of site preparation before actually pouring the concrete for the foundation. We, at Oly Mattera Construction, are fully equipped to clear the land of any growth, debris or hazards. We provide lot leveling and grading services that will help with these preparations. After the site preparations are complete you will be able to build anything you want; concrete patios, a concrete driveway, a basketball court, a retaining wall.

    Digging trenches to install electric wiring or utility pipes, installing drainage systems or building retaining walls, backfilling and all sorts of other projects will be easy tasks with our quality site work. The equipment we have is perfectly suitable for any kind of excavation work, lot clearing or leveling and grading that you require.

    Existing buildings that are no longer needed can be taken down by using our demolition services. Oly Mattera Construction provides all these services in Greenwich CT. Our crew is fully qualified and properly trained to handle all your project requirements in a timely manner and with minimal costs.

    Any building needs a foundation. Oly Mattera Construction is your building foundations specialist in Greenwich CT. We specialize in conventional foundations, concrete slab foundations or foundations fixed with steel posts driven through the unstable soil, frost protection and crack injection to prevent leaking.

    Do you own a property right on the shore or you want to build your new home right on the shore? Why be afraid of floods or storm surges? Build your home on raised foundations or with some other flooding control systems that will keep you and your belongings safe from water damage. Build your house with open foundations, on pilings, or with raised foundations. Either way your house floor will end up being above the flood level, thus saving you a lot of trouble.

    In addition to foundation work, there are other concrete services that we provide in Greenwich CT.

    Retaining wall, concrete driveways, sidewalks and curbs, concrete footings under your house, Oly Mattera Construction provides quality services. Your drainage system needs fixing or replacing? Your septic tank needs replacing? Oly Mattera Construction will help you find the best solution on the market for your project.

    Contact Oly Mattera Construction today (203-856-9074) to get a free quote for your excavation, foundations and concrete work project in Greenwich CT.