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    Got Erosion or Drainage Problems – Residential or Commercial?

    At Oly Mattera Construction, we have the expertise to solve your problems when it comes to erosion problems and drainage issues. Whether the water does not drain from your yard or from under your house, we can help find an affordable and permanent solution to solve your problems. We are specialized in installing drainage and water control solutions to help prevent water damage to homes and commercial facilities.

    Erosion or Drainage Problems Can Be Resolved!

    Hiring Oly Mattera Construction to prevent erosion and help control erosion issues is the answer. We will work with you to make sure your erosion concerns are dealt with and prevented and we will find the most cost effective solution to your problem.

    Erosion issues can be prevented by several ways. A few methods include:

    • Installing French drains
    • Re-grading to divert the water away from a structure or driveway
    • Re-routing the surface water to a underground drainage system
    • Installing yard drains to collect the water and divert the water

    Our company specializes in Erosion & Drainage in the Fairfield County Area and throughout Connecticut. Our experience, capabilities, and personnel are top notch. We offer quality services at very reasonable prices.

    Contact Oly Mattera Construction today (203-856-9074) to learn how we can help you with your erosion & drainage project.