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    To ensure that your concrete driveway will look good for a long period of time, there are important steps Oly Mattera Construction follows during installation. Start with considering the cost of the driveway over its expected lifetime. A professionally built concrete driveway can last for many years with close to no maintenance. We can make your driveway look good and perform very well in the long-term due to the quality of workmanship and materials that that we put into it.

    Concrete Driveways

    Steps that we take to ensure quality of the final product:

    ■ Prepare the subgrade properly

    The key to a good sub grade is uniformity of soil composition and proper compaction to ensure high stability of grade. By carefully planning the steps we make sure that all of the elements that go into making a high-quality slab are done before the concrete sets and done correctly. We use the proper finishing tools and never rush the work. Doing things at the right time is essential to preventing dusting, scaling and craze cracking of the slab.

    ■ Use the correct concrete mix

    The concrete we use is at the appropriate psi, with the correct air-entrainment. When applicable, we use a water-reducing admixture to lower the concrete’s water-cement ratio at the appropriate value for the project. Most high-performance concrete we use will include fly ash and water-reducing admixtures to provide long-term strength gain and initial workability without the addition of water. High-performance concrete mixes can be designed for easy placement.

    ■ Avoid cracks and place joints in the correct areas

    There are various reasons why concrete cracks. Cracks rarely affect structural integrity. The majority of concrete cracks usually occur due to improper design and construction practices. Cracks can also show up because of the natural deterioration of the concrete in time. We at Oly Mattera Construction make sure to: isolate & control joints, apply the proper jointing practices, do the sub grade preparation properly, finish and cure the cement adequately. We put special attention to the proper spacing of joints to handle the concrete “shrinking” as it hardens.

    ■ Place concrete at the proper thickness

    Thickness is a major factor in determining the structural capacity of the driveway. For example, by increasing the thickness of the concrete from 4 inches to 5 inches will add to the cost of the construction, but that additional concrete will also add to the load-carrying capacity of your driveway.

    ■ Use the correct finishing

    The two main types used are hard-troweled and broom finish. Trowel finishes are usually used indoors where a smooth, hard and flat surface is required. Broom finishes are appropriate for exterior slabs such as sidewalks, offering durability and a slip resistant surface. Decorative finishes are also available, including: Patterned, Colored and Exposed Aggregate.

    ■ Proper drainage

    We focus on giving the driveway the right slope to ensure drainage of water away from the existing structures. Whenever applicable we can install specifically tailored drainage systems to divert collected water away from structures.

    ■ Proper curing techniques

    We know that the curing of concrete as the final step of our construction process, is one of the most important. Failure to cure concrete can result in reductions of overall strength. We can use different techniques to help the concrete cure, like covering of the concrete with plastic sheets, continuous sprinkling or application of liquid curing compound.

    Concrete Sidewalks and Curbs

    We, at Oly Mattera Construction, are fully aware that the key factor in sidewalk longevity is the quality of the construction. Our concrete sidewalks will last for many years due to the high quality materials that we use. When building sidewalks and curbs, we always follow the best practices of concrete preparation and pouring including: proper sub grade preparation, use of the correct concrete mix, placement of joints correctly, proper drainage or correct curing.

    Our company specializes in concrete driveways, sidewalks and curbs in the Fairfield County Area and throughout Connecticut. Our experience, capabilities, and personnel are top notch. We offer quality services at very reasonable prices.

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