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    If you’re looking for swimming pools demolition and removal services, Oly Mattera Construction has got you covered. A leading construction and demolition contractor, we offer reliable and affordable swimming pool removal in your city.

    What are the benefits of swimming pool removal:

    First and foremost, it reduces the time and money invested in swimming pool maintenance, which can rack up at the end of the year to surprising sums. On top of that, it frees up your yard for other buildings, patios, gardens or whatever you feel like building. Swimming pool removal may also potentially increase the number of potential home buyers, if you’re looking to sell your home. Lastly, swimming pools present an increased danger for families with young children, so removal is the safest option.

    Swimming Pool Removal Process

    First off, we drain the pool of all water. We then demolish the concrete (usually gunite) and reinforced steel from your pool, and clear the debris. The next step is to cut off and remove all plumbing to your pool, such as pool drain pipes, water plumbing, and even heating if any. Once this process is complete, we fill in the whole with a layer of sand and top soil, and depending on what you wish to build instead of the pool, we finish it off with concrete slabs, or patches of grass.

    Swimming pool demolition price.

    There are a lot of factors that influence the price of swimming pool removal services. It mostly depends on the type of pool that you have, such as inground or above ground pool, the ease of access to the pool location and even the pool size. Price varies according to the services required as well, such as partial pool removal or complete swimming pool demolition and removal.

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